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Candle Wick Dipper - Smokeless Candle snuffer - Hand Forged

Candle Wick Dipper - Smokeless Candle snuffer - Hand Forged

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Here is a unique and stylish tool that allows you to safely extinguish any candle by dipping the wick into the melted wax. A wax dipped wick gives a smokeless method to put out the flame, and coats the wick in wax to keep it protected from becoming brittle makes it ready for the next lighting.

Each of these wick dippers is forged entirely by hand, and given a long graceful twist. They look beautiful and can certainly be a topic of conversation.

Made from 100% solid hand forged steel, 1/8" square steel, approx. 7" long from end to end. I finish each candle wick dipper with a natural beeswax finish to give it that traditional blackened steel look and to help protect the surface of the steel from moisture.

These are made to order, and while you won't receive the exact item in the picture, the quality and design will be of the same quality and standard. Small variations are guaranteed, that's what makes your hand forged item unique and special!

Materials: steel,iron,beeswax
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