Canopy Dream (Support Mix) by Jeremy Trim - Digital Download (Copy)

Canopy Dream (Support Mix) by Jeremy Trim - Digital Download (Copy)

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I am presently working on writing a full album of original instrumental/ambient music.  It has been an ambition of mine to create something that I would love to listen to personally and I would love to share my music with you! 

I have begun to gather the necessary equipment to create high quality multi-track audio recordings, but there are still pieces that are needed to help me bring my music to the level that I believe it should be.  That is why I am releasing this "Support Mix" version of this song that I have composed for my new album.  

This song is called "Canopy Dream".  With this song, I tried to incorporate more of the electric guitar, keeping the soft tones and gentle melodies to keep with the feel of this entire album, but letting my Rickenbacker shine through in its own unique way.  

Your purchase of this song will directly support the purchase of updated recording software to allow for more digital tracks on which I can record and expand the instruments I am able to use on my recordings.  I TRULY appreciate your support and hope that my music can bring joy to the time that you spend listening!

Support Mix Track 4:20 runtime

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