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Cigar Pick and Leather Pocket Pouch - Personalizable Gift Set for Cigar Smoker - Cigar Nubber - Fork

Cigar Pick and Leather Pocket Pouch - Personalizable Gift Set for Cigar Smoker - Cigar Nubber - Fork

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My hand forged cigar picks have been touted by countless cigar smokers as some of the best they've ever used. The simple design makes my cigar picks are a unique way to keep your fingers safe while you enjoy your entire cigar! No more wasted nubs or burnt fingertips. Beautifully forged by hand using mild steel, these cigar holders are sharpened, twisted hot and then hammered to create the lovely tear drop shape of the handle. The tines of each cigar pick are approximately 1.5" long, with the handle portion approximately 1" long (making the picks approximately 2.5" overall length) and are made with 1/8" round diameter steel.

This gift set combines my hand forged unique cigar pick with the much requested leather pocket pouch. Your new cigar pick fits perfectly inside the pouch which protects your pockets and thighs from holes poked while carrying your new favorite cigar smoking accessory. A magnetic clasp holds the flap securely closed while carrying in your pocket, yet is easy to pop open to get access to your cigar pick inside. Made with the finest quality leather sourced from the best handmade focused leather suppliers. I love selecting the best quality materials and helping to support our small business community!

Wondering what on earth to buy that cigar smoking loved one that has everything in the world already? Get them this gift set and watch them light up! (Both in Joy and with their favorite cigar!)

Each of these gift sets are made to order, and while the quality, design and craftsmanship will match what is pictured, your individual items may vary ever so slightly in appearance.

Materials: steel,leather,magnet
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