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Initiative Tracker 8 - Tabletop - for D&D and Other Tabletop RPG Games

Initiative Tracker 8 - Tabletop - for D&D and Other Tabletop RPG Games

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The Dungeon Master (or Game Master) has so many things to keep track of already, holding onto player and NPC initiative shouldn't be something they need to worry about. This wooden initiative tracker is designed to hold the acrylic character tokens securely and reliably through every battle. Simply use a dry-erase marker to write the character or creature's name on a token and place it easily into the slot to keep track of where they stand in the initiative list. A thumb notch is cut at the bottom of each token slot for easy removal of the tokens.

The acrylic tokens have been scored with a D20 symbol. The tracker itself is a made from solid birch and needs no assembly. It lies flat on the table while gaming and makes for easy storage and transportation with all of your other gaming gear. Tokens are made from clear acrylic and can be written on using a wet-erase marker (not included)

The Initiative Tracker 8 comes with a set of 8 clear acrylic tokens and a soft, felt pouch for storage of the tokens.

Tracker measures 9.2" wide and 3" tall and is 1/4" thick
Tokens measure approx. 1" from point to point

Materials: birch,acrylic
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