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Roasting Fork for Campfire Weenie/Marshmallow - Hand Forged, BBQ Fork, Hot Dog Roaster, Roasting Stick

Roasting Fork for Campfire Weenie/Marshmallow - Hand Forged, BBQ Fork, Hot Dog Roaster, Roasting Stick

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Stop messing around with those campfire forks that are way too short, or made from flimsy thin metal that don't hold your food properly. Step up to these amazing hand forged campfire forks! Sturdy, forged from solid 1/4" round steel, these forks have no trouble giving you the length you need to keep your hands away from the heat, and the durability you want to keep your food exactly where you want it in the fire. The 4 inch long tines are forged from a separate piece of steel and securely riveted to the handle for a unique look and a solid construction. These forks provide you plenty of room to fit a couple of hot dogs or several marshmallows for maximum roasting potential!

I am asked often if these are hot to hold due to them being made from steel. The answer is no, steel is a very poor conductor of heat, and while the part of the steel that is directly in the fire will absolutely get very hot, that heat will have a very difficult time travelling down the length of the fork. Several factors make these forks even more resistant to heat travel. The separate tines, riveted to the body of the fork create a bottleneck that heat has a more difficult time crossing, the length of the shaft itself prevents heat travel up to where your hand is, and the twisted metal handle creates another obstacle that is difficult for heat to travel up. There is no issue at all with heat travelling on these forks.

The overall length of each fork is about two and a half feet from handle to fork tips.

Combine these with my campfire skewer rests and you'll have everything you need for your next campfire get together!

Skewer Rests -

I am now offering your choice of finishes on my items. You may select from the following finishes when checking out.

Traditional "black" is hand brushed out of the forge and coated with beeswax (or a vegetable oil on areas that are intended to come in contact with food) for a dark steel appearance.

Polished Steel is a brighter finish achieved by polishing your item on a wire wheel polisher leaving an attractive bright shine.

**Photos in this listing show Polished Steel finish**

If you like what you see here, but need it in a different size/length etc. specific to your particular application, please feel free to send me a “convo”. I would love to make something special for you that fits YOUR design!

Each of my campfire roasting forks are forged by hand in my smithy. While your campfire fork may vary ever so slightly from the one pictured here, the quality and workmanship are guaranteed to be of the utmost excellence.

*Mild steel should be treated the same way you treat cast iron. Please only hand wash, dry thoroughly and apply a light coating of food safe oil every now and then to protect the steel from moisture.

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Materials: steel

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